Our Full Services

Kore Design Architecture is a architecture firm based out of New Jersey with projects in Philadelphia, New Jersey & New York.


We are reinventing the traditional process of architecture
At Kore Design we believe architects can play a much bigger role in getting your projects completed on schedule and on budget. We use the latest technology with highly trained staff to ensure your project is well thought out before construction starts.


Building information Modeling is the future of the construction industry
Imagine your project can be built digitally before construction starts. By modeling your project thoroughly and using the latest clash detection software we can see and tackle the problems before they arise in the field

Renderings & Animations

Bring your projects to life
Kore Design prides itself on the ability to help you to experience how your project will look and feel even before a shovel is ever put into the ground, through the use of still images, animations, virtual walkthroughs, and more

Laser Scanning / Drone Photography

In house laser scanning and drone photoghary done by architects
We realized how critical laser scanning was to understand what was currently in the field, so we implemented our own in-house team with a highly sophisticated laser scanner to ensure we know exactly what is in the field. We use the laser scans to then model with nearly 100 percent accuracy of what the on-site conditions are.